Tech Systems Analysis

Our team is ready to review your IT Systems and provide some tips to help you migrate to the cloud, work anywhere, collaborate like never before, reduce downtime and maximize revenue with cost savings.

systems analysis
A system analysis is the first step to Tech success. Scroll down to learn more on how this cycle works and what you can expect from us shortly after completing this form.


Systems Analysis Cycle

Systems Analysis

Our teams best and brightest delve into your current systems configuration, being mindful of privacy and current functions, with intentions of finding the most beneficial upgrade path to the cloud for your business. Our goal at this stage is to evaluate and make recommendations, if required, for all aspects of your business IT functions. The more detailed information you provide us, the more comprehensive and accurate your Cost Estimate will be.

Action Plan

We process everything we learned from your Systems Analysis and construct an Action Plan for cloud migration. We ask that you're involved in this phase and share information with us like a budget, vision, goals, support requirements (SLA), etc. Although some valuable 'how to' specifics may be left out at this time, we'll make sure you understand the grand scope of work to be completed. It's our goal to make sure you're in the know.

Cost Estimate

At the end of this process you will receive a Cost Estimate constructed by one of our top class Project Managers, based on all of the information realized by the Systems Analysis and Action Plan. Our goal is to get your Cost Estimate right the first time, however if something isn't make sure you bring it to our attention. We'll work with you in any reasonable capacity until it's a perfect fit for your business requirements.