Remote Support and Monitoring

Keep a virtual eye and helping hand on your systems.

Remote support provides an effective and simple way to receive help. When support is required the last thing your users need is a hassle. Our platform provides two easy connection methods and automatically secures your data by encrypting all communication when using the application.

Method 1
1.) Visit our support page
2.) With two clicks start the support application
3.) Our team takes secure control of your system

Method 2
1.) Visit our support page
2.) With two clicks start the access application
3.) Our team can securely login without anyone there and without leaving your desk

Share Screens Remotely

Share your system with our team in real time.

Monitor and Access Unattended Systems

Our team watches over your systems, monitors for potential problems and connects in if required.

No License Fees No Hassle

Install the application on as many systems as you like for free. No monthly fees.

Priority Support

Don't have time to wait? No problem, select an increased level of priority when requesting support.

We handle everything starting with individual support requests to 24/7 monitoring scalable to thousands of systems.

Partner Case Studies

Increase your systems up-time by choosing our platform. Our award winning formula combines strategy, implementation and tracking.


Global Support Sessions


Monitoring Coverage


License Fees


Under 1 Hour Resolutions

Remote Support

Server and VPS monitoring

Our Support Platform actively monitors your critical system 24/7/365.

With monitoring our Administrators can stop an issue before one occurs, plus have a head-start on resolving an issue that takes place.

Keep in the loop and receive your own notifications via email, sms, ticket updates.

Tell us about your support needs

Let us help your business grow with less down-time and fast resolutions.

Our platform is customized for each specific business support needs. The more we know about it, the better we can keep it running efficiently.