Our most common questions are listed below.


Do I have to register to receive support?

Under most cases yes. Your support may by limited if you choose not to register.

How do I register for support?

Visit the Registration page and complete the form.

I have a question, how can receive help fast?

Live Chat is the fastest way to reach our team. It enables us to instant message via our website.

Is techmobile.com secure?

Yes, both techmobile.com and techmobile.biz utilizes SSL encryption technology.

My firm is interested in doing business with TechMobile. Where should I start?

Reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

What are your hours of operation?

Our normal hours of operation are Monday-Friday 09:00am-05:00pm PDT/PST. However, some clients receive service 24/7/365 depending on their agreement.

What is your phone number?

Inbound phone support was discontinued Q3 of 2016 due to abuse. However, we have implemented various ways to communicate with us through our website. We encourage you to use Live Chat, Contact Us(an outbound phone call can be requested) and our Ticket System(registration required, found under MY ACCOUNT) as we will provide the best experience possible using these methods.

Where can I provide feedback?

Feedback can be provided by reaching out using our Contact Us page.

Where is TechMobile based?

We are based out of the Greater Seattle Area.


Where can I browse your past work?

Take a look at our Portfolio. It contains a few of our recent projects. Our Admin and Dev Systems work is typically tied to an NDA(non-disclosure agreement) which prevents us from sharing this information with our prospects. To receive more information reach out at Contact Us.


Can I view tickets on a mobile browser or smartphone?

Yes, our site is 100% responsive including our ticket system. We recommend using Chrome mobile or Firefox mobile browser/s.

If I open a ticket will I automatically receive support?

Yes, if you’re in existing client with a payment method attached to your account. If you’re not an existing client, start by requesting an estimate or attach a payment method before creating a ticket.

What information can I place into a ticket?

You can place any information that’s relevant to your request, including credentials. Tickets are secured on our site utilizes SSL encryption technology.

When creating a ticket how does priority work?

Priority determines your desired response time from our team. Below is what you can expect between the different selectable levels, however a guaranteed response time won’t be provided unless an agreement in place with one of our Project Managers. Our Project Managers are experts at carving solutions. If you’re interested in establishing an agreement, reach out to us using our Contact Us page.

Emergency P0: 1-4 hours (this level comes with an increased hourly rate, if you don’t know ask before making a request)
High P1: 12-24 hours
Normal: 12-48 hours
Low P3: 12-120 hours

Where can I view & create tickets?

After logging in, locate Tickets under MY ACCOUNT.


Are there late fees?

Yes, there are three types of late fees you may incur due to non-payment. All late fees apply a revolving 2% if the due date for payment is missed.

-Due On Receipt(DOE): Payment is due upon receipt. Any delay could trigger a late fee.
-7 Day: A late fee is applied after seven calendar days.
-30 Day: A late fee is applied after thirty calendar days.

If you have any questions regarding payment or late fees, always email our team at billing@techmobile.com prior to making a billable request.

Do you accept PayPal?


How do I attach a credit card to my account?

This something we offered in the past, however we have placed it on hold while we can develop a better system. If you’re asked to place a payment method on hand, it’s best to use our Live Chat feature. Instructions on how to use Live Chat can be found here.

How do I make a payment?

If automatic billing is not part of your agreement, you will be emailed an invoice.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners, JCB, AMEX, Chase Quickpay(email billing@techmobile.com to setup).

Why am I being asked to provide a credit card?

Most times a credit card is required to secure funding, however for some requests your credit card may be used for pre-authorization purposes.