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RE: Patching & securing their server from the GHOST vulnerability.

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Cloud computing company NearForm to create 100 jobs

Irish Times - 2 days ago
The Waterford-based company specialises in bringing cloud computing to large enterprises, building faster, more stable, more versatile business platforms. The new jobs are described as high end and...

Austin, TX's Toopher Acquired By Cloud-Computing Giant Salesforce

Xconomy - 11 hours ago
Toopher will no longer sell its current products, though it will be “delivering the Toopher vision on a much larger scale” by joining cloud computing giant Salesforce (NYSE:CRM), according to the...

Cloud-Computing: An industry In Exponential Growth

Investopedia - 6 days ago
Among these options is the cloud. Nasdaq reported that last year revenues for cloud services grew by 60 percent. Furthermore, cloud computing is anticipated to continue growing at a robust rate over...

Tech News: Nigeria's cloud tech market worth $100m yearly

Pulse Nigeria - 23 hours ago
According to Managing Director of Kitskoo Cloud Services Limited, Tunde Tani-Fafunwa, said: “Cloud technology is the way to go for businesses these days, rather than spend money on deploying their...

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Amazon (AMZN) Launches Cheap, Unlimited Cloud Storage

Investorplace.com - 2 days ago
Cloud storage has become increasingly popular with both consumers and enterprise. Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) has been a pioneer in the cloud computing industry, thanks to ongoing investment in...

New Tiering Will Lower Cloud Storage Costs

Infostor magazine - 13 hours ago
Google has launched an assault on Amazon's Glacier cloud storage service with the introduction of its Nearline cloud storage tier. The result is likely to be a new round of storage price cuts. In...

Amazon's Unlimited Cloud Storage No Threat to Rivals

Data Center Knowledge - 7 days ago
Amazon launched unlimited cloud storage plans. The unlimited everything plan is $60 a year, while unlimited photo storage is $12 a year. Fire device owners and Prime members already had unlimited...

AWS flicks switch for cloud storage replication

The Register - 3 days ago
For the uninitiated, S3 is a cloud storage service that allows users to stuff stuff into the cloud, and even pick a “region” where it will land. AWS operates nine S3 regions* all over the world...

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Cloud computing specialist Iomart on course for profit growth

Herald Scotland - 16 hours ago
The company said its hosting arm had continued to win "a substantial amount of new business". It said: "The group continues to benefit from the growing adoption of cloud services by...

Now Alibaba is moving in on Cloud hosting in Silicon Valley

Fortune - 4 weeks ago
While Alibaba dominates e-commerce in China, Aliyun, also known as AlibabaCloud Computing, holds about a 23% market share in its home market. It faces both Chinese and foreign competitors, from...

Five Basic Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing

CIO - 1 week ago
We've all heard about cloud computing, but it may still seem like a foreign language to some. Because cloud computing has become a big deal (like, change the face of IT big), we thought we would...

Cloud computing may save Iowa $1 million a year

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines - 4 days ago
CEDAR RAPIDS — Shifting state email and calendar systems to the cloud may save Iowa up to $1 million a year, according to states that have made the jump. Iowa officials, facing a lawsuit based on...

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Small Business Cloud Empowered

Oregon Business - 6 days ago
Get up to speed fast in May at an exciting cloud-empowered Portland event. 2014 was a tremendous year for the maturation of a brave new world of technologies for small business accounting and...

Small Businesses Need to Catch the Bullet Train to the Cloud

Huffington Post - 1 week ago
Wood is part of a major shift in small business accounting which has been made possible by the advent of cloud-based technologies. Today, small business owners and their accounting advisors are...

Small Businesses Eye Cloud, IoT Investments in 2015

eWeek - 7 days ago
One-third of small businesses are ready to deploy IT to take advantage of the Internet of Things, according to a recent survey. Small businesses are ready and willing to invest in IT upgrades,...

A Small Business Marketing Platform in the Cloud

Small Business Computing - 4 weeks ago
If you're looking for new ways to boost your small business marketing efforts and stretch your resources, the V12 Group, a digital marketing technology and data provider, may have just what you...

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