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Cloud Technology Holds the Future for U.S. Government Video Surveillance

GlobeNewswire (press release) - 2 hours ago
NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 2, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smartvue® Corporation, a U.S. owned and operated cloud technology company and a leading provider of global cloud visual intelligence (VI), has...

Citrix unveils carrier-grade Cloud technology

ARNnet - 11 hours ago
Citrix have launched a carrier-grade application delivery controller to help mobile operators transition to Cloud technologies and high-volume datacentre economics. The NetScaler MPX 25000 series,...

Anritsu shows UK cloud technology in connected car

ElectronicsWeekly.com - 3 hours ago
The cloud-based system for fleet tracking developed at the Smart Systems Laboratory, University of Hertfordshire in the UK, and demonstrated together using satellite positioning technology GNSS...

UST pilots education program on cloud technology

Enterprise Innovation - 14 hours ago
The University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines has joined the NetSuiteAcademy Program to offer hands-on education in cloud technology. The program is designed to bring cloud-based business...

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Microsoft, Google offer free cloud storage promotions

USA TODAY - 3 weeks ago
Cloud storage has gotten off to a rocky start the past couple of years. While expected to be the way photos, videos, documents and data are stored in the future, hackings over the last few months...

Google Play Music Increases Cloud Storage Limit To 50000 Songs

TechCrunch - 5 days ago
Google has bumped the storage limit for its locker service for Google Play Music from 20,000 to 50,000 songs, giving users more than double the capacity to store their own collection in the cloud,...

Microsoft muddles cloud storage in Office 365 for iOS

InfoWorld - 6 days ago
When Microsoft last week updated its Office 365 suite for iOS to support Apple's iCloud Drive and Box's cloud services, as well as other cloud services that work with iOS 8.1's in-app...

Oakland Police Test Cloud Storage for Body Camera Video

Government Technology - 4 days ago
The Oakland, Calif., Police Department is piloting a new Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-capable cloud storage platform for body-worn camera video that may help officers better manage...

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Cloud hosting services and the future of lock-in

Gigaom - 1 week ago
With that increased need for moving fast, many teams started using the cloud to get a large infrastructure off the ground quickly. But those cloud services, and especially the latest iteration of...

A $127 Billion Opportunity Coming In Cloud Computing

Benzinga - 5 days ago
In the report, analysts use the definition of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which defines cloud computing as “a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a...

Finnish hosting provider differentiates itself through hybrid cloud offering

ComputerWeekly.com - 4 days ago
Operating as a hosting provider in Scandinavia presents some challenges because of the competitive nature of the market. Innofactor, an IT systems and hosting provider based in Espoo, Finland, wanted...

How Service Provider and Cloud Hosting Options Impact Your Business

Web Host Industry Review - 1 week ago
Internet services have been around for some time however, cloud computing and the platform that it brings is a bit newer. One important point to remember is this: cloud computing isn't one...

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BlackBerry Takes to the Cloud in Bid to Attract Small Businesses

Bloomberg - 7 hours ago
Chief Executive Officer of BlackBerry Ltd Marty Beard, seen here, said, “It'll have a significant impact on our ability to attract a lot more buyers that are interested only in the cloud...

Western Digital Unveils My Cloud Small Business Series NAS

Small Business Computing - 4 days ago
Big companies aren't the only ones wrestling with big data. Work documents, images, and videos pile up at today's data-driven small businesses, faster than they can efficiently and...

Western Digital My Cloud NAS Updates Target Prosumers and Small Businesses

AnandTech - 4 days ago
Their Sentinel series units (based on Windows Storage Server) have targeted business users for quite some time now. The My Cloud consumer series (1- and 2-bay NAS units based on a custom embedded...

WD Targets Prosumers, Small Businesses With My Cloud NAS

eWeek - 4 days ago
Outfitted with dual-core Intel Atom processors and sporting a novice-friendly management user interface, the DL2100 and DL4100 are meant to provide small businesses with storage and collaboration...

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