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How NASA launched its web infrastructure into the cloud

Gigaom - 15 hours ago
Among U.S. government agencies, the adoption of cloud computing hasn't been moving full steam ahead, to say the least. Even though 2011 saw the Obama administration unveil the cloud-first...

IBM Simplifies Cloud Computing Contracts

eWeek - 6 hours ago
"It's ironic that cloud computing represents a faster and more innovative approach to doing business, yet lengthy and complex cloud business contracts from most vendors remain an...

Intel Betting on (Customized) Commodity Chips for Cloud Computing

New York Times (blog) - 16 hours ago
Cheap, mass-produced semiconductors have transformed our world, with smartphones, laptops, sensors and tablets, all connected to big cloud computing systems. Now the business power of that...

No Best of Breed in Cloud Computing

Yet - 11 hours ago
There is no clear winner among cloud computing vendors at the moment. But cloud professional services are growing like no other. Technology Business Research Inc.'s (TBR) 2H14 cloud customer...

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Pro tip: If you use cloud storage, bring your own security

Gigaom - 5 days ago
In that vein, the director of security for a Fortune 100 healthcare provider recently told me that keeping company data and documents secure, requires that companies layer additional security atop...

Which Cloud Storage Is Cheapest? How Prices For Google Drive, Dropbox ...

Business Insider - 6 days ago
It can be difficult to decide what kind of cloud storage is right for you. It depends on which operating system you use most frequently, the types of files you like to upload, and a bunch of other...

Free up space on your hard drive using your cloud storage's selective sync option

PCWorld - 2 weeks ago
Running out of hard drive space on your PC used to be a problem. It usually meant you had to get a new PC, or offload some files onto an external hard disk, or upgrade your internal drive. All three...

Azure cloud storage 2014: New features offset by embarrassing outages

TechTarget - 3 days ago
These incidents may be red flags to enterprises considering Azure cloud storage, which was a latecomer to the market but has made up for lost time. Cloud partners consider Azure the leading contender...

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B2W Software's Cloud Hosting Shortlisted for 2014-2015 Cloud Awards

Marketwired (press release) - 2 days ago
The secure B2W Cloud provides an extension for the company's enterprise-class construction software to host customer data -- virtually anywhere -- while also helping eliminate the need for...

Cloud Computing Adoption Continues Accelerating In The Enterprise

Forbes - 4 weeks ago
69% of enterprises have at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, up from 57% of enterprises in 2012. 18% plan to use cloud-based applications and/or...

Benefits of Cloud Computing as a Service

Tech Cocktail - 3 weeks ago
Cloud computing is the latest technology advancement that enables businesses, institutions and individuals to manage their business data and access it easily from remote locations. Ever since cloud...

Things To Consider Before Picking A ERP Cloud Hosting Provider

HostReview.com (press release) (blog) - 1 week ago
Over the past decade, cloud hosted ERP solutions have become extremely popular. The advantage of using a cloud hosted ERP over traditional systems is immense – firstly, the cloud based solutions...

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Small Business Accountants Play Catch-Up in the Cloud

Small Business Computing - 2 days ago
Accounting software specialist Sage has some worrying news for small business owners. Their accountants are failing to keep up with the times. Sage's survey (PDF) of 264 accountants in the U.S....

How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

Business 2 Community - 3 days ago
How Cloud Computing Can Help You Grow Your Small Business image iStock 000015071999XSmall5.jpg 300x238 As a small business owner, you should see cloud computing as way to gain immediate access to a...

NZ small businesses world-leading in cloud computing

Scoop.co.nz (press release) - 2 days ago
New Zealand small businesses are adopting cloud accounting software faster than other countries, according to a recent study conducted by online accounting software provider Xero. (Other countries...

SMBs Win as Business Intelligence Hits the Cloud

BizTech Magazine - 4 weeks ago
Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have depended on outside contractors for information technology services for several years. That's why the cloud fits in well with a small business...

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